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Change the name to one that better represents the additional functions bundled with the uninstaller

LaurelNev , 21.11.2011, 07:12
Idea status: under consideration


beatnik, 21.11.2011, 15:45
IMO I would keep the name as the name does not matter to me as long as it works. IDK about you but on C-Net this app is number one in the uninstaller group and has been their for a while. I think this company has made people aware of this application and if the name were changed it would have to be gradual IMO something like "your Uninstaller "insert new name here" then one day just remove the " Your Uninstaller" one day. Although I am no marketing specialist although I do have some Business experience (although not in the software world) where a name and logo are very important and dont change often. (I personally think changing somethings name is bad luck but thats just superstition)

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